Information Technology Strategy Consulting

By amjid

Information Technology Strategy Consulting is required by most of the businesses today. Businesses can’t run today in isolation. For businesses to gain competitive advantage they must have proper Information Technology Strategy.

Why Information Technology Strategy?

Today there are major changes in the organization’s strategic use of IT. Be it Cloud Adoption or Digital Transformation or Industry 4.0 related technologies. Organizations must take serveries from those who are experts. Therefore Information Technology Strategy Consulting is required for the organizations .

When we look at businesses today, we notice that technology must be integrated across all aspects of the business, transforming the operational and business models, culture, tools, processes, and strategies. Transitional IT is transformed to new IT which has also transformed the businesses processes. For businesses to go through digital transformation. صور اونو Which is the part of the Information Technology Strategy of Organizations. That is why organizations today seek the services of Information Technology Strategy Consulting firms or individuals.

Information Technology Strategy consultants help businesses remain competitive by analyzing Current IT and It’s alignment with Business and then and devising strategies for improvement. They help define digital strategy, identify industry trends, and create strategies for business transformation.

Information Technology Strategy

IT Strategy is detailed plan that guides the explains how technology should be enabled to meet the IT and Business Goals. It is a written document which contains the investment and use of technology. It should be aligned with the overall business strategy.

What is included in IT Strategy

There is no single template that can be used by one to form a strategy, there are various aspects that has to be covered in the strategy and it mainly depends upon the organization type. However, based on my personal experience the following must be covered in the strategy;

  • Cost Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Hardware and Software Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Risk Management
  • IT Project Management

IT Strategy is sometimes also called IT strategic plan. The plan must be updated with the change of internal and external factors. Covid19 is one of the factors that had impacted IT Strategy of various organizations.

Your IT Strategy Consulting Partner

IT Strategy needs strong IT leadership, CIO and CTOs need to work together with the businesses and develop the budget to drive the IT Strategy.

I have worked closely with businesses to develop Information Technology Strategy to meet the business needs. Which helped the organizations for business process optimization though consultancy and technical implementation and support.

When you take services of consultant you need to ensure that the Consultant has strong knowledge of Business Operations, Business Processes and the Functional Departments and then he must have strong knowledge of business solutions and tools available in the market. As I mentioned technology is evolving at rapid base, and organizations need to make smart decisions on their IT Investment, otherwise investment today might go wasted tomorrow. Therefore, you need and Information Technology Strategy Consultant who can guide you how to safeguard your IT Investment.

Foundation of Information Technology Strategy

The strategic goals of Information Technology must be derived from the Business. Whereas key stake holders must be part of this. The strategy must included the following;

  • High level overview of IT Department, its mission, core values, objectives and approach.
  • Current Budget and spending Forecast for next 5 years.
  • Summary of Current IT Projects
  • Catalogue of Enterprise Architecture, IT Capabilities and Capacities, future needs, staffing, IT Infrastructure and so on.
  • SWOT Analysis of IT Department

How to make Information Technology Strategy

The strategy needs to have complex technical aspects but it shouldn’t be taken as technical document. It is a Business document instead. Therefore vague words shouldn’t be written. لعبة الطاولة بالانجليزي It should contain plain an simple English without difficult technical terms.

Though it all depends upon the type of organization, but in general below steps must be followed to define the strategy;

  • Look at the Business Vision and Mission and discuss Goals and Objectives of Business
  • Look at the Current KPIs of the business.
  • Discuss Market Trends of IT with Business Leader
  • Analyze Existing company processes and workflows.
  • Analyze the practices and behavior of Industry Competitors.

Implementation of Information Technology Strategy

We shouldn’t make the document for the sake of document only, once plan is created it must be executed. If you are able to implement the plans mentioned in the strategy document, then we consider it as good Information Technology Strategy. The major reason we need to have the document is to align the IT with Business, therefore, day to day IT operations should be aligned with day to day business operations. ون كارد

Furthermore, IT Strategy should be agile and any development and change in business must be accepted by IT and must be documented in the strategy.


Though IT Enables business but Business Drives IT. Therefore, we need to ensure that IT Strategy is part of Business Document and it shouldn’t be made in isolation.

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