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 love understanding how companies generate revenues and coming with creative solutions that leverage on emerging technologies to help increase profits.

I strongly believe that IT is no longer just a support function (and a cost center), IT has become for almost all businesses and industries a part of the commercial offer. To allow IT to become a part of the commercial offer I first ensure the necessary foundation of a robust and secure IT Platform are in place. A key component of success here is the right people (and skills) for the right job. I will always take the necessary time and put in place the necessary process to find and attract talent for my teams. Then I’ll make sure IT best practices (ITIL & ISO 27001) are implemented and progressively respected. Only then will I look into emerging technologies to create commercial value.

I have enjoyed many different managerial roles in IT departments throughout my career and my personal and professional experiences have taught me the following about myself:

I can successfully manage an IT team / department by:

  • Putting the customer (internal and external) and the center of what I do.
  • Ensuring the projects are delivered on time and budget.
  • Finding the necessary talent to complete the tasks

I can lead and grow a world class IT team and Budgets by:

  • Speaking to exec, customer, and tech.
  • Helping people grow under my leadership and seeing the team collect wins as one.
  • Being lean and always making sure spending is driven by solid business cases.

I constantly try to improve myself by

  • Staying up to date with emerging technologies.
  • Remaining calm when confronted with complex decisions.
  • Driving my decision process based on financial business cases.

I’m always interested in meeting new people from all fields and industries but have a particular interest in sharing perspectives on the benefits of emerging technologies so feel free to reach out to me.

My Skill Profile

Set Strategy, Inspire, Mobilize – Level 7
Initiate, Influence – Level 6
Initiate, Influence – Level 6
Initiate, Influence – Level 6
Business Skills
Initiate, Influence – Level 6

 I have been assessed for the Skill profile and the role profile. Using the self assessment of my experience in Information Technology and Computer Sciences since 1999. I have been accessed for various skills.

Out of 102 Professional Skills that SFIA7 describes. I am assessed for 71 Skills. My skills based on assessment are below.  Which indicates my skill level for each selected SFIA skill. 

Strategy and Architecture
24 skills accessed from SFIA7 81%
Change and Transformation
4 Skills from SFIA 7 69%
Development and Implementation
11 Skills from SFIA 7 74%
Delivery and Operation
17 Skills from SFIA 7 81%
Skills and Quality
7 Skills from SFIA 7 67%
Relationship and Engagement
8 Skills from SFIA7 81%

Amjid Ali - LinkedIn

Amjid is a highly competent ICT Engineer who has over the years gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which he translates into the projects he manages. Amjid always strives for delivering projects which are cutting edge and professional.”
“I admire Amjid’s efficiency and attention to detail whether it be technical or commercial. Amjid is always ready to offer support on projects which helps to ensure a smooth process flows. I enjoy his easy going nature as it encourages an open and honest business relationship.”
“I had several detailed interactions with Mr. Amjid and I found him to have profound knowledge in ERPs, strong business understanding and deep analytical & technical skills. Under his leadership he has built his division as one of the strongest IT dept in Oman. I wish him best in his future endeavors.”

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