Amjid Ali

ERP Implementation Best Practices

Have you made the decision to use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software in your company? Your worry has started, as ERP Implementation doesn’t come without risk. ERP Implementation has positive and negative risks, Talking about triple constraints, cost, schedule, and quality will always remain a concern of anyone. Business performance, loss of revenue, and productivity … Read more

Corporate Learning Management System: Tailored Training for Employees

Corporate LMS can bring diverse benefits to a business due to improving employee knowledge, skills, and policy awareness and educating partners and customers on products or services via personalized and interactive training: Most organizations already use LMS for corporate training, and the global corporate eLearning market is expected to reach $50 billion by 2026. A robust corporate … Read more

Top 5 Business Process Automation and Workflow Low Code and No-Code Tools

There are various Business Process Automation Tools and Workflow Management Systems, today, you don’t need to know coding to implement these systems, just understand the Logic and deploy any kind of application to support your business process and implement a workflow management system. Referring to Magic Quadrant I am listing Leaders and Challengers here; Commercial … Read more

Change Management in ITIL

Every IT landscape must change over time. Old technologies need to be replaced, while existing solutions require upgrades to address more demanding regulations. Finally, IT needs to roll out new solutions to meet business demands. As the Digital Age transforms many industries, the rate of change is ever-increasing and difficult for IT to manage if … Read more

E Residency in Estonia : The New Digital Nation

Getting E Residency is very important these days specially for those who want to setup online business, but the country they live have various restrictions and complex procedures. Having business address or Bank Account for Business is Crucial. If you are living in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or other Asian countries where payment gateway is always … Read more

Information Technology Strategy Consulting

Information Technology Strategy Consulting is required by most of the businesses today. Businesses can’t run today in isolation. For businesses to gain competitive advantage they must have proper Information Technology Strategy. Why Information Technology Strategy? Today there are major changes in the organization’s strategic use of IT. Be it Cloud Adoption or Digital Transformation or … Read more

Turn Strategic Planning into Action: Hoshin Kanri Method

Strategic Planning is key for the success of any Organization. Getting tangible value from the strategy can only only be realized when it’s translated into action by an organization that understands the priorities and goals of the business. Companies spend significant amount of time and efforts in planning their strategic goals and objectives. But, having … Read more

The Best Web Hosting Providers

This is my review on Best Website hosting in 2021. As web hosting providers plays a vital role in ranking your website therefore you must carefully consider choosing the webs hosting provider. There are various SEO Factors. Speed is one of the most important factor, which means how fast your website is loading and what … Read more