E Residency in Estonia : The New Digital Nation

By amjid

Getting E Residency is very important these days specially for those who want to setup online business, but the country they live have various restrictions and complex procedures.

Having business address or Bank Account for Business is Crucial.

If you are living in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or other Asian countries where payment gateway is always an issue. Most of the payment gateways are not available in such countries and even there are various restrictions by the Government.

But solutions are definitely there, Whether it is an ecommerce business, a drop shipping site, an amazon store or any online services that you want to sell. You can have your Business Bank Account in Estonia with Your Estonia Digital ID.

Become an E-Resident of Estonia

In fact Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s e-services and transparent business environment.

Estonia has made 99% of its government services available online, accessible through a secure digital ID system. Banks in Estonia has 99.6% Bank transactions online. Estonia is Marked as # 1 for EU Digital Economy.

This is considered as best country for Startups.

Can I start Company in Estonia?

E-Residents can establish and manage a paperless EU-Based company 100% online. Create and trusted location independent business with minimal cost and hassle free administration. Starting a business or having a Bank Account. Everything can be done online without the need to visit Estonia.

So far, more than 60,000 people from 160+ countries have become e-residents and joined Estonia’s digital nation, with the main benefit being the ability to establish and manage a company entirely online.

E-Residency kit: cardboard box, card reader, e-resident’s digital ID card

I am Eligible to get E-Residency of Estonia?

E-Residency is open to individuals from all countries.. Most e-residents are entrepreneurs who work digitally, are location-independent and want to start and run an EU company. So if you are Freelancers, Consultant, Entrepreneur or Business Owner. You can get the e-residency.

How to become E-Resident

You can apply online on portal by clicking here

Where Can I collect my e-Residency Kit

All applicants who have been approved, they can collection their e-Residency kits at the Estonian Embassy. The pickup location is available here

What is Cost of e-Residency?

Estonia State Fee for E-Residence : €120.

Company Registration : €190

Other details are available here

Do You qualify for Permanent Residency?

Having E-Residency doesn’t mean that you qualify for the Permanent Residency or Citizenship. It is an ID card within the Digital Domain only. Which is mainly for the Business Purpose or Business Account.

90% of the companies that are registered under this program are the service providers.

More Information Needed?

You can get more information from e-Residency website of Republic of Estonia

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