Out of Comfort Zone will lead to Growth

By amjid

Do you know what is out of Comfort Zone?

We always want to have minimum stress and minimum risk, this is natural. Though the comfort zone is peaceful but at the same time staying standing at one place will not take you anywhere.

Comfort zone doesn’t give us optimum results. مواقع رياضية بث مباشر

One can grow in his life only if he moves out of comfort Zone. But let us not just work on assumptions, let us be practical and see what exactly I mean by coming out from Comfort Zone

Memorize the acronym CFLG

Comfort zone

is a is not a physical place, it is a situation, a mindset or a feeling where once feels safe and easy where one feels safe or at ease, where things happen in routine and there is not much stress.

Once doesn’t want to come out from the comfort zone because of the uncertainty , because he is not sure what is going to happen next.

Fear Zone

When you come out of comfort zone you enter into Fear Zone. Most of the time we don’t want to come out of comfort Zone because we will always get a fear of uncertainty. We human being have potential to reach sky, but the fear and lack of confidence doesn’t allow us to do so. We always rely on other’s opinion, which is not always recommended. كم عدد القوارير في البولينج We also find excuses for not coming out from the comfort zone. But if you step out, then you will remain in a fear zone for some time, which will make you realize to explore more opportunities. نادى بروسيا دورتموند

Learning Zone

Once you realize that you have entered into another world, where your skills are outdates, you now you have to deal with new challenges and problems. This is were you will realize to learn new skills, to get new knowledge and to experience new opportunities. Remember that Learning should Never stop but when you come out from comfort Zone you will need to learn new knowledge.

Growth Zone

Now at new position, new place you have started achieving the objectives of what you thought of. You will now set new goals and will start measuring your performance against your targets.

When you dream about your success, you need to be ambitious, this is where your dreams will become real. And you will gain the self-confidence and you will start believing yourself.

Growth in our life is only because of coming out from the comfort Zone.

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When I say coming out from comfort Zone is key for success, it is not only related to your Job, Salary or Business. It relates to all the dimensions of the life. Remember Salary and Position is not the parameters based on which you can measure success.

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