Soft Skills

Technical skills may help one to get job, but for career growth and professional development one needs to develop soft skills. This course is designed to enhance soft skills of candidates and explain them about various aspects of soft skills and details components.  Though there are various theoretical part in this course but all theories are with exercises that keep attention of  aspirants on content. Purpose of this course is develop the personality in broader spectrum by transferring a comprehensive knowledge of soft skills.Practical approach of this course will help the participants to get read less and practice more to prove the skills.


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Image Management
  • Team building and cooperation
  • Time Management and Goal Setting
  • Communication Skills
  • Group Discussion & Interaction

3 C’s of Personality

Course mainly covers three important aspects of personality that can be covered with various soft skills.



An optimistic approach and being confident even in awful situation will lead to positive mental attitude, and through emotional intelligence one will be able to have good relationship with colleagues helping everyone to develop competence.

When dealing with fellow colleagues and others effective communication is always a key to positively convey the message. It is not just how one speaks it covers various aspects of active listening, verbal and nonverbal communication to be successful this skill is must.  Understanding of business language and terminologies that are used in corporate world play a vital role in one’s job role.

Thorough understanding of business language will help to make things right. But having knowledge of business language will not help until professional behavior is not adopted and positive behavior will lead to positive nature.

Personality Attributes

This course will help the participants to differentiate  hard skills from soft skills and will help them to understand, recognize, and master below components of soft skills;

  •  Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Business Communication
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Body Language
  • First Impression
  • Time Management
  • Etiquette
  • Public Speaking & Group Discussion
  • Negotiation Skills and Professionalism