Career Counselling

Every student is unique and his career path is unique to him too it is important to first understand what the students field of interest is before chosing a path for him however, in this age of fast growing digital economy there is need to be careful in choosing right field. Our counselor will listen to you and will discuss with you  the goals you want to achieve and with the help of counseling  you will be provided an action plan for achieving those goals. The plan will be a guideline which will be flexible and you will be given guidance on each step of your career.

This service is not just for students where they need advice on filed of study and to enhance their practical knowledge but also for those who are already working but are unable to get the desired position. We will be assisting the candidates to get the right field of study and then chose a right career path. Job seekers can also get their career plan, Resume writing and marketing themselves, job hunt strategy, preparation for interview and finally getting ready for first job.

Those who are already working we will  them in developing their technical and non technical skills which are the soft skills.