Organizational Agility and Dynamics Based on Three Approaches to the Application of Strategy

Marcelo Alejandro Briola

Marcelo A. Briola is an Organizational Project Management Consultant. He has xtensive experience in leading complex regional projects, in the implementation of IT management models, and transition and transformation projects. He is Academic Director of the Project Management Executive Program at Torcuato Di Tella University, Project Management Professor for MBA at Belgrano University and at the Professional Council on Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires. He is the author of several research papers on project management and teamwork.


Today’s world requires organizations to be agile and dynamic in order to achieve benefits. Therefore, companies must define a strategy based on operational efficiency and adequate customer service.

From a project management perspective, to enable organizations to achieve operational efficiency and adequate customer service, the organization’s overall strategy must be integrated with the organizational strategy of projects. Integration must be based on three approaches: a) an organizational perspective; b) an organizational project perspective; and c) a project perspective based on managing each project individually.

When these three aspects are considered, integration joins together each individual project, and integrates them to the rest of the organizational projects, thus achieving benefits while reducing costs.

Companies with organizational agility and dynamics based on these three approaches to the application of strategy will achieve maturity in their project delivery, be able to face the new challenges of today’s world, and, most importantly, value the practice and evolve beyond time limits.


Today’s disruptive world leads us to conceive organizations on the basis of dynamic business models supported by new technologies that enable them to operate in changing and competitive environments, in which four generations …

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